Tuesday, July 21, 2009


best msg of 2009
just read this and understand:

they love you but they are not your lover,
they care for you but they are not from your family,
they are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation,
they are...


true friend scolds like a dad!
cares like a mom!
teases like a sister!
irritates like a brother!
and finally loves you more than a lover.

do you know the relations between your two eyes?
they blink together,
move together,
cry together,
see things together and
sleep together.
though they never see each other,
friendship should be just like that.
life is hell without friends.

i dedicated this to all of my closest and dearest friends:
alOng(mekna),najwa,nani,farah,ashkyla,mazrin,alia,aisyah,nad,caca,mira,robi,syazni,syikin,yani,fa,ashraf,ngek,susu,zamer,hilmi,ery,zyzol,fnaz,liza,njwa,gha dll...kte 1 geng yg gle rmi!tp ttap clOse n ak cyang korg cume...kpd yg x trsbut 2...cori k!tp korg ttap dlm aty ak...huhuu~